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This week I was going to step up and introduce some video clips, but at the moment do not have the time to learn how to splicing and dicing required. The camera work requires a bit of practice. And then if Dexter and Hannah were on the team working together that would help.

These outcomes to some extent relate to the direction of the pack leader. We met Fluffy this week. He came upon us without my noticing. I treated it as an emergency. My response was the wrong response. Dog handlers have to be aware, I suspect, that their behavior can prime dogs. A violent response gives a false sense of focus and effectiveness, but the tendency is to be fixed rather than flexible. I now see my role as the opportunity for a form of nonviolent training.

The weather is likely to get hotter and drier, characteristic of the onset of El Nino. This is likely to increase the likelihood and intensity of bush fires. The creek cross has been dry for months. Further upstream there is running water. I thought that this would be good for the drought conditions in California and the west coast of South America.

Kayla Matthews at Alternet lists nine reason why dogs are helpful to human beings. We then to think it is a one-way relationship. I am pretty sure that Dexter and Hannah are not complaining too much. I would prefer that people did not go to wars and suffer injuries. Nonetheless this veteran demonstrates how effective a dog can be as a trained companion.

As for Dexter, he is to have his fashion statement removed tomorrow when he has the two staples in forehead taken out. Now I keep Hannah on a lead when I go out the front to avoid situations when a dog and owner pass by.

Otherwise, it was not an especially eventful week, but I am know better than to take things for granted. The background is Desert Sky by Silent Partner:

How there not been a Mingulay Boat Song, I would never have know there was such an island off the west coast of Scotland, and would never have got the theme for this week. The Corries perform the song:



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