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Most stories end with sadness, and those that don’t have not yet been fully told. So it is the case that Dexter and Hannah are going around the same path mostly daily. At some point this will not continue.

Human beings, although they cannot live forever as individual beings have the capacity to take the future into their minds and to their actions. We are told that regardless of the disregard of humanity, both for each other and their future, and the ecosystem on which they are dependent, some form of life will continue on this planet, which we formerly called ours. Dexter and Hannah don’t care I imagine.

Yet the reality is the days go by for them. The relative canine age is related to weight, or that is what is claimed. Of course it has to be written in a foreign language, so a translation is required. It seems Dexter is 55 going on 61 and Hannah, 28 going on 32. Now, I have just got to get them to recognize we are all slowing down. Hannah has not reached the tipping point, and Dexter seems to be as strong as ever.

Silent Partner plays “Pink Lemonade” which seemed appropriate since I discovered the camera’s fish-eye lens. Latterly, as the last moment, I realized it worked. So don’t believe all that you may see but here is what was taken this week:

This week’s title is drawn from the Kris Kristofferson song, “Don’t Tell Me How the Story Ends”:

Rita Coolidge has Scottish and Cherokee heritage. It is of interest to notice how the dispossession of these two people related. Wikipedia notes that in the 18th Century:

The traders and British government agents dealing with the Southern tribes in general, and the Cherokee in particular, were nearly all of Scottish extraction, especially from the Highlands. A few were Scots-Irish, English, French, even German (see Scottish Indian trade). Many of these men married women from their host people and remained after the fighting had ended; some fathered children who would later become significant leaders among the Five Civilized Tribes of the Southeast.[29]



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