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Maybe not much looking back, but Dexter and Hannah were going around the track. Not many songs. We don’t make sense of what we see. Is there a long way to go? We have to accept that the time is running and we are walking.

What might Dexter and Hannah be thinking at any time is a mystery. They sometimes seem to be enjoying themselves. Shiba Shake observes:

Whenever we consider how dogs think, and how dogs learn, the discussion invariably veers towards how dogs are not human.

Indeed, dogs are not human. They do not learn in exactly the same way that we learn, nor do they think in exactly the same way as we think.

Dogs most frequently learn about each other and about us through visual and scent cues. In particular, they observe body language and smell butts to get information. Sometimes, they also use verbal communication, but much less so than we do. For example, dogs usually pick up hand gestures a lot faster than they do verbal commands.

Note, however, that just as dogs are not human, we are not dogs. Therefore, we should not pretend to be one by simulating dog bites with our hands, using alpha rolls, or try to fight like a dog. Even if we tried our very hardest, we would make poor dogs. We do not have sharp teeth, our skin is thin and very sensitive, we cannot run very fast, nor can we jump very high. We certainly did not get to the top of the evolutionary ladder because of our physical strengths.

Dogs are not stupid, they can clearly see that we are not dogs. They are also very good at observing human behavior and human gestures.

Dexter and Hannah seem to enjoy the walks, even though they have gone this path many times before:

Whereas they are unlikely to greeting anybody they might meet with “G’day, how are you going”, they every so often find themselves “Looking Forward, Looking Back”, leaving me with the impression that others are around. Slim Dusty sang:



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