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The precautionary principle steps in, as it should, Dexter and Hannah are steered away from interacting with other dogs or people.

They could either be over friendly, or anti-social. So we do not follow the middle way, rather the option is avoid others where possible. Sometimes this works fine. No problems. But there are times when others are not seen and not heard. The convention seems to be that you make no noise. This is a practice that should be broken. The frame of mind of the dog handler is the big factor. I have only to be more tired than usual to make bad errors of judgement.

Still we keep going.

The Bureau of Meteorology is providing very useful information with Climate Outlook videos including estimating El Nino status, likely bushfire conditions and streamflow forecasts. It may be possible to create a record of the creek flow using the photos I have taken.

This week another video was put together. I leave messages for Picasa to get their act together, but so far in vain. The music, from the selection, is called “Scapes” by Silent Partner.

Some people sing songs of their affection for natural situations, including islands in the Hebrides. This song, “Joy of My Heart”, is an original gaelic melody and lyric, and is sung by Archie Fisher:



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