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Spring has arrived.  The creek may soon be running dry, but Dexter and Hannah will appreciate it while it still flows.

The case may be, or seems to be, at least in relation to Dexter and Hannah, if I behave well, provided I have them under control, they behave well. Anyway, Sally Hibbard says dog owners can get it wrong in several ways. She writes:

Dogs are complex creatures still retaining many of the instincts and behaviors of their wolf ancestors.

What we may perceive as bad is often a predictable response when viewed in the context of normal canine behavior.

Bringing a little ‘wolf’ into the family and the urban environment requires research and forethought and a commitment to the animal’s lifelong needs.

I spoke with dog training and behavior expert Pete Pedersen who shared his thoughts and experiences from many years of dealing with naughty dogs and naughtier owners. Mr Pedersen runs group puppy classes through to individual training for specific issues.

It seems that having a badly behaved dog is surprising easy . . .

Dexter and Hannah do behave badly. Yes provides a realm of possibility that is denied to no. This quote is from a Swami Muktananda, but it may be relevant (per Michael Nagler):

“Spirituality in its true sense is to be aware of the binding force which envelops all creatures”.

Is that what spirituality is? I had no idea. In our case this includes the leads that bind me to them.

So a record was made by photographs, and some of them were thrown together here. Inspite of what it may look like the editing is not easy. The tune is appropriate. It is by Silent Partner and called “The Creek”.

In Scotland, at least for now and the foreseeable future, No is triumphant. The human spirit draws, I imagine on Yes. Dougie Maclean might be more than sad:



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