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Spring is yet to release its promise of renewal. The orange tree seems to be flowering, but that seems about it so far. I could be wrong.

Dexter and Hannah seem as keen as usual to be going out and about. These days meeting with other dogs has become a regular occurrence. So far there have been no problems. That has more to do with the dogs we met along our journey than to Dexter or Hannah. They do not seem to be listening to me until the other dogs have gone.

Hannah, a palindrome dog with amber markings is not a full black dog. Winston Churchill is say to have popularized the term. Joan Webster writes:

I am the Black Dog. I have descended from black dogs, far back
into Antiquity. My ancestors have almost always been the same
colour – black. I have had many other names in History and have
come to the whistle of “Black Bile”, “Melancholia”, “Depression”,
“Despair”, “Down”, “Misery”, “Hopelessness”, “Mood Disorder”, “Unipolar Disorder”,
“Blue” and even “Hell.” I don’t mind what I am called. I will come to my Master or to
my Mistress, and they do not ever call me. I am a Pariah Dog, not one that is loved for its
affection and loyalty, like the Labrador, not one that is fluffy and cute, like the Poodle. I
am an outsider that likes to slink up behind members of the human race, and torment
them, and chew up their feelings of self worth, especially in the early hours of the
morning. Every Dog has its day, it is said and every Black Dog has its Night.

A commenter on this video relating to depression noted that it should be called a black cloud, not a black dog. ! “Poor black dogs are first to die in shelters and last to be adopted”. Hannah has neither problem. Although Dexter is a little more subdued than he was some years ago.

So some photos were taken and they were thrown together to create the following video:

In Scotland, the polls have narrowed, and it looks like the No vote is ahead. There has to be some measure as to who is intending to vote, and perhaps the way it works the closeness in the polls will tend to increase the naysayers. If the referendum were to be successful Scottish Independence Day would be 24 March 2016. Perhaps the Scottish Autumn will fair better than the Arab Spring:



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