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NEW FRIDGE MAGNET September 11, 2014

Posted by wmmbb in Middle East.

Be afraid. Terror is afoot in the land, and what is worse it is religious terror. More specifically, it is Middle Eastern terror. This terror is not in any way, related to the bombing and barbarism visited on the Middle East and its people by the West over the last hundred years, oil, or any other crimes or causes. “We” are honourable; “they” are not. “We” are human; “they” are not. International law does not apply, especially when “our” interests are in play. Violence rules, as is natural and inevitable.

Now one and all are suitably petrified with fear, as the Federal Government intends, everyone can start thinking rationally. Tony’s two wars seem to be falling at the starter’s gun. Gosh, that is disappointing. Team Australia would not run as a green and gold dream.

The very respected Immigration Minister, the honorable Scott Morrison, who depending on the outcome of the referendum on 18th September, may become a dual citizen by descent of the newly-fledged Caledonian Republic, was a categorical as possible in the circumstances via The SMH:

. . . there was a “specific” threat to Australia above and beyond the rise of terrorist organisations in the Middle East such as the Islamic State.
“I think these things get specific to Australia and I’m not at liberty to go beyond a statement such as that,” he told ABC.
“The fact that there are Australians involved … and there is ambitions that go well beyond just the establishment of the [Islamic] State and, as I said, there are many other terrorist organisations that fit under this umbrella of what is occurring in the Middle East.”
He said that after previous conflicts when people returned “radicalised” to Australia, “two-thirds of them got up to things when they came back”.

This we are to understand is an “on water matter”, about which no details can be given. Let’s assume the case, given the number of participants in ISIS and other groups, such as Jabhat al-Nusra, then why say anything at all? What is the political advantage to be had? Two people have been arrested after police raided the iQraa Islamic Centre, a bookshop and eight other addresses. They were variously charged with providing terrorist funds and planning to enter Syria to “engage in hostile activity”. The court determinations and appeals will have to be made. Are Muslim citizens equal citizens before the law?

At the National Press Club, Mr Morrison elaborated:

“We know there is a very real threat by the death cult that is operating over in Iraq and Syria and we know that that threat is not just over in the Middle East.

“That’s why the director-general of ASIO, who is responsible for domestic national security, is the one who is making the comments he is now, and should be a reminder to everyone here and around the country what is happening there poses a threat in this country. It is not imagined, made up, it is real.”

Mr Morrison said the government was responding to the threat by putting in place the appropriate laws.

It looks very much like – hallelujah – that normal civil liberties can be reigned in. This is far better than a war. Accordingly the terror alert has been set at the highest level:

The respected former senior public servant and security expert Allan Behm said the shift to high alert was a virtual certainty.
. . .
Mr Behm said the change would see authorities engaging on multiple fronts, including the gathering of meta-data from more rigorous phone monitoring.
“That means when a known person of interest makes a call to some one not known about, that person also comes into the net,” he said.

In 2011, SBS News, reported on the address of the then Attorney-General on the threat posed by a possible terror attack:

While in three years, the immediate circumstances may be different, it appears that focus of the Government has narrowed and changed. This time, I will keep the fridge magnet and not throw it away. We all need to understand cultural perspectives, including historical understandings, including the impact of imperialism over the last two hundred years and the various impact on the oppressed peoples. We might consider the implications of climate change, and the corporate capitalist origins of that unfolding disaster, including “the barbarization of nature”.

To describe others as being members of a “death cult” displays a remarkable lack of self awareness, given that selves are social and cultural constructs. Five short years ago, Curtis White, made the case in Orion Magazine.

If the horrible imagery was meant by ISIS to deter airstrikes that has not worked. In terms of analysis, Zevi Bar’el at Haaretz declares categorically that air strikes will not destroy ISIS. He writes:

It seems the threat of Islamic State is mainly the disruption of the known order, according to which even failed states controlled by bloodthirsty regimes – such as Syria and Chechnya – or ones that fall very far from the definition of democracy, such as Belarus, are compelled to adapt to the rules of the game that apply worldwide. Islamic State, unlike Syria, Chechnya and Belarus, is not a state. It is a group that developed into a movement. It is not yet subject to the rules of the world that determine the hierarchy of control, and it does not fear sanctions. It takes advantage of a governmental void, goes in and fills it. That is what Hezbollah did in Lebanon, what Hamas did in Palestine and what isolationist groups, including Al-Qaida, did in Yemen.

When that is the arena, no foreign force, even a well-equipped one, will be able to replace a strong, determined local power. Saudi Arabia proved that, as did Egypt, Jordan and the Persian Gulf states. The West’s resources need to be directed toward this challenge. For example, it should recognize the Palestinian state, bring Iran into the coalition of countries that will fight Islamic State, stop the reward-and-punishment games with Egypt and reexamine its policy toward Syria. But sending in fighter jets is so much simpler.

What does not destroy ISIS only makes it stronger. If Tony, or indeed,Scott, has a cunning plan, he would not be the first:

The fridge magnet is in the post.


Matthew Hoh, The Beheadings are Bait (Huffington Post)

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Alastair Cook, “You Can’t Understand ISIS, If You Do Not Know the History of Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia”(Huffington Post)



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