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The rain is persisting. A good thing to be happening. Spring may be here but so it has presence felt. Dexter and Hannah are getting out more.

They are using their intraspecies non-verbal communication to send perhaps pertinent messages. So I ignored the slight rain and took them out, making sure that slide down the embankment on the way back. I am conscious of this experience so I am more risk averse. A panda at a breeding centre in Sichuan Province successfully achieved an improved quality of life:

Ai Hin was showing loss of appetite and reduced mobility, so it was logical for staff at a breeding centre in the Chinese province of Sichuan to assume the giant panda was pregnant.

When it became clear she wasn’t, shocked staff concluded that she had faked it to secure more comfortable quarters and extra treats, said Wu Kongju, an expert at the centre. While she was believed to be expecting she was given an air-conditioned single room, 24-hour care and an increased supply of buns, fruit and bamboo.

This was better treatment than was given to the horses in the First World War – “concerning our loyal and true companions who asked so little and gave so much” Eric Bogle sings, “As if he knows”:


We kept our photographic record for the week, which for the time have to put a video. Beethoven provides the background music, “Fur Elise”. I am guessing that “fur” means “for”, as in which often seems true, “Four legs good, two legs bad”:

Since it was the inspiration of the heading, I thought I had better include “Steal Away” by the Fureys.



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