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We have continued to experience rain throughout the week, so that Dexter and Hannah did not go out as much as they would have liked.

This winter seems to have been colder and wetter. Memory is a poor guide, but the figures do tend to confirm the suspicion. Longer memories support climate change. George who is 95 and has lived in this area all his life asserts this by saying the August west winds no longer are blowing.

By not going out with the dogs, I am missing out on whatever the walk might have.There are various suggestions about what is necessary and effective. In January 2013, The Daily Mail reported, supported by research conducted by scientists at Boston University:

Short bursts of exercise lasting less than 10 minutes give you the same health benefits as slugging it out at the gym for hours. Researchers have found that even walking to the bus stop or cleaning your home can help you lose weight and lower your cholesterol. Activities like mowing the lawn and even fishing can also lower your risk of heart disease.

There is some stretching at times – and sometimes entanglements – but walking with Dexter and Hannah is very mild exercise. It is probably good for me, and I would notice it if I did not have it. The question is how much exercise do the dogs need. I suspect they are underdone, especially recently.

Next week will be Spring. Perhaps there will be a bounce in our steps. I thought it appropriate to include Johann Sebastian Bach somewhere along the way:

We are still at it. We don’t seem to have learnt as much as we should have from the First World War. How often are wars and other violent conflagrations driven by political necessity or advantage? You have the wonder what has been gained in the recent “massacre’ in Gaza that could not have been expediently and profitably achieved by talking. Why then is talking, dialogue and mutual understanding so difficult for Homo Sapien Sapien? The Corries (Ronnie Brown) do a good job on this song:



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