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The week began with a Supermoon, of which there seems to have been a number this year. That event did not signify too much.

On Thursday, I noticed that Dexter had a cut on above his lip. I never really know what to do. It was too late to go to the Vet. So I just kept the wound clean and waited to morning. In the morning I am told it is a superficial cut, so we let it heal of its own accord. I had no sleep, but a few things to do. I am pretty sure that when tired the sense of balance is impaired. Other than the feeling that I could have fallen, I took the dogs out.

I don’t have the same satisfaction as last week, when I felt the photos had almost fallen together. The exercise involves the need to look searchingly in a familiar environment. Here the photos are, until Picasa upgrades in video format:

Of course, sleep is an opportunity for strange dreams. The Corries presented “The Strangest Dream”:

While it has not yet happened,  there is a pressing need for the end to war.


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