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FORGET THE GAZA TRUCE! August 13, 2014

Posted by wmmbb in Israel-Palestine.

Forget the truce, except as a band-aid. It is just an interim gambit before the next genocidal attack and other crimes against humanity.

Gaza is a small part of the story, a circumscribed repository of Palestinian refugees.

And then there are the settlements that are squeezing out the Palestinians and pushing them from the resources of land and water:

While not easy to implement, a Treaty that recognized the rights and stories of all, linked to as tribunal to resolve conflicts, would offer a path to sustainable peace. It would help if there was an impartial, independent arbiter. World opinion may well be able to play that critical role.

Let’s believe in the best of what human beings are capable of achieving. A truce will be temporary. A treaty – very challenging in all its aspects – is, I believe, the only long-term solution.


The negotiation of a long-term truce is attempted in Cairo, although there is a lack of agreement within the Israeli Cabinet. The concessions under consideration do not go to the issue of the blockade or the occupation.

A better reference is Peter Garcia-Webb who summarizes the Israeli Government’s concessions as outline in the Ha’aretz article behind a paywall. The Israeli Government has no intention of lifting the blockade, or it seems of recognizing an Independent Palestinian state. A nonviolent civil rights campaign has a 53% chance of being effective.



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