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So what is “the greatest good” for Dexter and Hannah?

They as four-legged canines have some advantages. This particularly noticeable when coming down the incline. Dexter, in particular, would get ahead of me, if I let him. I don’t believe they are complaining too much about the conditions. Like most of us they probably have a whinge about somethings. Still they don’t have to put in forty job applications a months to keep their benefits. They would settle for thirty walks.

If you think the music is crook – well, that could be the case. A sudden end in store. Just occasionally Dexter or Hannah would look back but mostly they know where they are going and what they are about:

Willie Nelson has the right question and some other relevant observations:

A just peace is the greatest good for all, especially for all  oxygen-dependent beings. Peace is complicated by subsidiary issues such as justice. The latin in the ears of Dexter and Hannah sounded like something to eat , sooner or later. So acknowledging needs would also help.

You may think that this exercise is not a learning experience. To my surprise here is a presentation of Kant’s, “Summon Bonum”:


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