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Regardless it seems of the prevailing weather, Dexter and Hannah seem keen to get out. They are not as confined as Julian Assange is in the Bolivian Embassy in London, but it is the same general principle.

And taking them out probably helps me as well. However, when it is windy, as it has been for the past week, then it is an occasion to weigh up the wisdom of walking through the bush. On Thursday, I chose to risk averse. As I walking Dexter and Hannah on Friday, I thought there would have been no problem. But on the way, walking back we heard “crash”. We were startled. The falling branches were more fifty metres away. There was no danger, but it did illustrate that wind can work in stages. Things may not be as benign as they look sometimes.

The weekly journeying was recorded as is now usual. In a triumph of optimism over experience, at least to date since the middle of January, I am still anticipating that Picasa will update to allow the uploading of photos:

The photos that accompany Steve McDonald’s “Southern Gael” should depict Dunedin (Gaelic for Edinburgh), Invercargill, Waihi and other settlements. Interestingly this song illustrates patterns of ethnic settlement in New Zealand. Significantly there is no reference to the original landowners. Such is the imperial colonial history we inherit. The reasons for migrating across long distances seem never to change: economic betterment, war and persecution. Why we forget our own history by persecuting the contemporary refugees and asylum seekers?

There has been no particular reason for the Scottish selection of late, except perhaps the Independence Referendum to held on 18 September. If it passes, new flags may be in order for the former colonial remnants since the sun would have set on the Union Jack, The Empire and the nuclear submarine fleet.



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