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Dexter and Hannah are caught in the relationship between humans and canines. Whereas, perhaps human physical evolution may be independent of dogs, their cultural and social evolution was interdependent.

Horses, elephants, donkeys and llamas are among the other animals that found both useful but characteristically have developed a relationships. Monkeys and cats might be mentioned.

Domesticated dog breeds have been shaped by human influence. They have been selected for useful characteristics. The question arises whether the breeding determines behavior, or that as with humans dogs have critical growth periods that may form outcomes.

Pit Bulls probably have the worst wrap. Arin Greenwood argues, “It is time to end the prejudice against pit bulls”. She writes:

The newest comprehensive examination of dog bite statistics, put out in December by the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, looked at what factors tended to lead to fatal dog bites. These include a dog not being spayed or neutered, dogs being “kept isolated from regular positive human interactions,” away from the rest of the family, and dog owners having histories of abusing their pets.

Some pit bulls bite, of course, just like some of any breed of dog will bite. And the media may be more likely to report a pit bull’s bite, or the person bitten may be more likely to think the dog that bit them is a pit. What the JAVMA study shows, though, is that breed is specifically found not to be a factor in the likelihood of a fatal dog bite.

That supposes a Pit Bull can be identified among other breeds. (I cheated, and make the correct choice under the average time).

Our dogs, Dexter and Hannah, are always rescue dogs. We have not been influential in their early development. Dogs can be demanding. Hannah now is the dominant dog.

Nonetheless we went out again this week and recorded some aspects of our journeys. The music by Silent Partners is “Grace Behind the Curtain”:

Say what you may, Joan Baez has, in the spirit of Martin Luther King, the courage of her convictions – despite the smiles:



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