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Fortunately, I did not break any bones, or suffer much from my fall down the embankment last week. Nonetheless, there usually something to be learned for the future from any experience.

The outcome could have been otherwise. I have not completely healed. There is bruising, but of no consequence. I believe it was justified to see a doctor to check things out. I did not know the ramifications, if any, of this incident. I thought I would probably end up with a crook knee, but that did not happen. I was more flexible than I thought likely. Regular, mild walking probably helps.

Going to the doctor, rather than been indicative of over-servicing, acts as a deterrent in two ways. I cannot go back and say I have done it again. I have taken preventive measures. Now we come down the embankment with the steps I have dug very much more slowly and very much more in control.

Dexter and Hannah do not seem to mind. Observation indicates that dogs think. What they might think of us is another story, or set of poems.

We did the usual think this week. The thought had crossed my mind that this activity might not be anymore possible. Come the end of the week, all was forgotten. So lets be upbeat, the music by Silent Partners is “Whistling Down the Road”:

By contrast, Ray LaMontagne asks, “Shall we call this a lesson learned?”:



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