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Normally we descend this embankment and there is no problems. On Tuesday it had been raining and it was wet underfoot. I took a tumble.

I fell forward coming done the embankment which was damp after the rain. My ankle was sprained, fortunately not broken, my knee was twisted and my wrist is a little sore. My shoes slipped and then they didn’t and I went over forward. I was yelling and screaming for a while. I don’t think anybody heard me. Then I got up, thankful there were not breaks.

I went to the doctor as a precautionary measure – somewhat too late in the development of events. The doctor was very kind complementing for applying an rough and ready ice pack to my ankle. The things learnt from watching football. After putting a crepe bandage on my ankle, he suggested I keep the Giving my baleful story that has an amusing ingredient.

No broken bones was a major plus. Even the strains could have been serious. I put a crepe bandage on my wrist and that seems to have worked remarkably well. I seemed to have recovered quickly by resting. I blame myself for not being as prudent as I should have been. Dealing with shock and the initial pain is, I believe, very important. I could at least get myself together and go and see a doctor right away to get a medical opinion, and if necessary the right advice. Other than my foolishness, this was part of my larger point. The Federal Government is acting to restrict access to medical care. I was happy to pay, my doctors are not a bulk paying practice, they were able to wave me through. Males are notorious for not going to doctors – and it is detrimental to their health.

I was fortunate. Today, I dug out some steps. As I was busy, a magpie landed and picked over the exposed ground. Then I went out with the dogs, and everything went well. Getting the embankment, with the steps was a major undertaking. I cannot prove it, but I am sure that Dexter and Hannah knew what was going on. They were very careful about keeping behind.

Our friend, who has two dogs, wrote:

Oh, I can relate to this, although my experiences were tripping over uneven pavements, roots and rocks, 3 times all around Moss Vale and falling face down on bitumen every time. And one gets actually a whiff of sickness for a while I think almost a little “shock”.

A neighbour, who is physically frail and mentally sharp, has small dog she walks. We sometimes see her. Small dogs come into their own. I have to be careful that Dexter and Hannah are on leads. Being able to take dogs out is a big thing for them. Some people struggle with it. I thought I may be in the same position. Luckily I seem to have shaken off my injuries.

I would credit the dogs with encouraging me to regular exercise. They evidently reduce blood pressure more effectively than dogs and reduce the risk of heart of attack. People with pets are allegedly happier. The use of puppies in prisons is interesting. These dogs are trained for people with disabilities, and prisoners play a role in their training.

I have a video of some of the photos this week. The music,called “grass” is suitably foreboding. And it is a bit long:

I am not sure where the Scottish settlements, if any, were in Australia. In New Zealand, they concentrated in Dunedin and Invercargill. There should be photos of Otago and Southland, but the person who composed this video did not get it. Steve McDonald preforms “Southern Gael”:



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