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Time gives moving along. It dawns on consciousness that it is another month, not just another day. Memory is tenuous. The photos gather, and it comes the time to make selections of what might fit into the format. The usual process of trying to put together some coherent pattern of what is now past.

It is much easy not to take the camera. Dexter and Hannah did not seem to mind when I could not be bothered to retrieve it. You know what, now I do not remember a thing about that experience. Photos do enable us to relive experiences. Perhaps dogs are not as prone to be distracted as humans and their experience in the moment is richer for that engagement. the music is by Silent Partner and is called “Succortash”:

Wikipedia gives a summary of the behavior of the the diamond python:

The Diamond Python is typically inoffensive by nature and generally reluctant to bite. These pythons are ambush predators with large territories that often overlap. They move around these seasonally to occupy well camouflaged positions in the warmer months and brumate in the winter months. The females have a range of up to 50 ha (120 acres); males may occupy an area almost twice as large. They are often active during the day and on warm nights, although most of their time is spent waiting in ambush for passing prey. They typically remain in one position for up to two weeks, before moving to another around 100 m (330 ft) away.[3] Morelia spilota spilota kill their food by constricting and suffocating it, and will prey on lizards, birds, and mammals as large as possums. They are not a danger to humans, but are capable of biting and leaving teeth in the wound if severely harassed.

Plenty of stones along the track, especially in the creek, which is not flowing, but no keepers – and therein lies a story, mostly forgotten. John Williamson sings in reference to locations far away:



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