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I turned the camera back on the operator. The background was wonderful, but I could not stand looking at the person that was represented.

Dexter and Hannah more or less compel me to be aware of what they are doing. I could ignore them, but a sudden jolt would be transmitted and tangles would result. Neil deGrasse presents the opposite point of view in his program, Cosmos. Referring to climate change, he suggests, “watch the man, not the dog”:

Chris Mooney has more on the program at Mother Jones.

I am not sure that if I were communicate with Dexter and Hannah over the difference between weather and climate. Perhaps if I were to suggest to them, “you’re the weather, I am climate”, they might respond something like “that explains a lot”. The other life forms we hear much of seems to be engaged in a somethings constant conversation. I am sure they have keen appreciation of climate and weather. Birds get around. Every year we have visitors from Papua New Guinea.

Dexter and Hannah probably recognize their names. At NPR, Robert Krulwich describes the Super Fairy Wren uses to identify its chicks from cuckoos. Their mothers encode a password to her chicks by her bird song. For them it is a possible matter of life and death. So what then are the birds on about. They might be identifying themselves by name.

Where ever that goes, doubtless Dexo and Hannah will be keen to go out again next week. For the record here are some of the sights, if not the sounds, of this week:



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