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Dexter and Hannah do not go around with the eyes closed, or there sense of smell turned off.

Human Beings are designated as Homo Sapiens. I like to surmise that the cognitive edge with Neanderthals was the teamwork between humans and dogs, since the maligned Neanderthals do not seem to have been less intelligent.

There might be much merit in that speculative suggestion suggests the existence of human inter-relationships with natural world, not excluding the fact that plants and trees produce oxygen. The Industrial Revolution seems to effected a change in the cultural paradigm that sees nature as something to be exploited, consumed and violated as if there would be no consequences. Hostility to indigenous culture may have pre-dated technology.

The ecological crisis has developed over the past hundred years or more. It is not simply caused by human activity, but is a product of assumptions, thinking and actions that operate below the level of full human consciousness. Furthermore, it is not as if the science of climate change is easy.

Political and commercial decisions are being made, often supported by relevant courts, that do not take into account the ecological impact. As in the case of Coal Seam Gas drilling, coal companies also seem to be given the right to devastate the water supply and ecology above the surface. The ABC reported:

A north Queensland man faces financial ruin after a failed legal bid to stop the expansion of a coal mine owned by the state’s richest man.

Supporters say the plight of Collinsville farmer Garry Reed highlights the growing difficulties faced by people who try to stop mining development in resources-dependent Queensland.

Mr Reed took on mine owner QCoal and the State Government over a plan to divert Coral Creek, which runs through land owned by the mine and Mr Reed’s property.

The farmer, who relies on the creek for half of his water, lost an appeal in the Land Court in February and had costs awarded against him this month.

“There’s certainly a risk … I risk losing the family farm. That’s been in the family for almost 100 years,” he said.

“I’ve put that at jeopardy.”

QCoal, owned by reclusive mining billionaire Chris Wallin, wants to dig up the coal underneath the creek to extend the life of the Sonoma mine by six to eight months.

To support Garry, his farm and the local environment, and follow developments go to Save Coral Creek.

These dog blog records should not just a matter of taking pictures, ideally it equally a matter of understanding what is seen and not seen. For example, prior to work of the tree fellers of the first forty years of the nineteenth century there were Red Cedar forests. Now they barely exist. The bush regrows, which is not the same as re-establishment of an ecology.

That aside we ventured forth, taking the odd photo along the way, and hoping that it might assemble into sequence that might be of interest:

Johnny Cash’s song probably would appeal to Cliven Bundy. The photos suggest that nature is a just cause that might appropriately be defended with human nature as in nonviolent resistance :



1. wmmbb - May 3, 2014

This post was cobbled together at the deadline, which then was exceeded. In retrospect, it seems to me that the critical survival challenges, including the danger of catastrophic climate change and the possibility of nuclear war require a discovery and rediscovery of our full humanity. These challenges are require a cultural edge, including our human and natural relationships. Perhaps it was the cultural edge that gave humans over the otherwise equally intelligent Neanderthals, who may still be among us, at least in the institutional sense.

2. wmmbb - May 3, 2014

I managed to add a music track to the video in another identical version, but those of a contemplative mind might prefer the silent version. This arrangement may well be short term. We shall hear in due course.

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