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The days merge as they tend to do, and often I cannot remember one day from the next. When there is a record it can be noticed that “things” have occurred. I am not sure what Dexter and Hannah’s remembered experience is to them.

They seem very patient when I do not take them out. Such was the case today. If they had asked, I would have explained it was ANZAC Day, and presumably that would have meant nothing to them, if it were possible for our two species to converse in words.

Then I could have shown them Peter Jackson’s restored footage of the Gallipoli Campaign. It was first shown in the Auckland War Memorial Museum in 2009:

There are many unanswered questions concerning human behavior, including the normalization of war, even if a losing campaign in “the war to end all wars”.

Whatever the faults of our weekly record of our repetitive behavior, mostly walking theĀ regular path they are peaceful in intention. Sometimes things are missed. Mostly nothing exception happens. And so it goes:

Dexter and Hannah would notice it if we did not go out at all. Eric Bogle, an Irishman has written the possibly definitive Anzac Day song. The Bushwackers have the right accent:



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