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The tradition of Easter, including it pagan antecedents, does not make any real sense here in the Southern Hemisphere. We are in Autumn, heading toward Winter.

Our seasons are out of joint with their cultural underpinnings. Still it was interesting, I thought, to hear that the Anglican Archbishop of Melbourne espousing the importance of culture by suggesting that it was a good thing that Aussie Rules, unlike the other football codes had not scheduled a match for Easter Friday. This can be fixed, the real prevailing materialist cultural imperative will see to it.

Dexter and Hannah’s values seem to be to enjoy their meals and their outings. Occasionally, I catch them enjoying their walk. These moments become important. They become memories for me. We are temporal beings, and so perhaps we should live to the full in the moment, as seemingly comes naturally to dogs. There lives easily could have been very different, and one suspects for the worst.

Who knows what dogs think of their owners. They recognize their names. The suggestion is that some animals have names for each other. Many of us, I suspect, are mostly oblivious to non-human language, or even that it might exist. Not surprisingly it is birds, in particular parrots that are the principle candidates.

Dexter and Hannah respectively respond depending on what is going on. They responded this week, and we went out. The rain has not quite gone away.

Not that I fully briefed on these matters, but it occurred to me that “Donkey Town” by Mark Knopfler with Emmylou Harris would be appropriate. It is a song that is resonant of the underlying culture, not entirely specific to its’ cultural context:



1. wmmbb - April 20, 2014

I actually don’t know what is meant by “Donkey Town”. One has to assume it not a complimentary description. The biblical reference is clear enough. Presumably the Roman conquers and their collaborators including perhaps the priests of the temple would have ridden on horses. I am just guessing here. The people with a deeper biblical background probably know about this, and other references.

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