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The rain does not seem to be going away. Of course, it is wise to be careful when wishing the rain away. However, Dexter and Hannah are not getting out as much as they would.

Yesterday, I went out regardless. I think Hannah thought this strange and I wondered about the wisdom, especially when there were flashes of lightning in the sky. We walked up the track and then turned around and came back.

There was a report of one dog going missing in the heavy downpour we had – hopefully he is now back home. Dexter is not as active as he once was. Hannah was never inclined to head for freedom. I can trust her to be let off. However, there is a need for caution in doing so. Her enthusiasm could create problems. The issue of duty of care and negligence arises. Somewhat unlike the fossil fuel producers, who seemingly as they wilfully destroy the ecosystem are above and beyond the rule of law. So it is to see Archbishop Tutu leading a stand against them.

Let me be grateful for the rain and the ordered nature of our existence local level if only for the moment, and not forgetting our larger shared responsibility.
One day Picasa will work and photos will replace their video, You Tube, version:

Papa Francesco may not yet have phoned but the latest singing nun gets a strong reaction from the judges of “The Voice”:



1. wmmbb - April 14, 2014

Fairfax confirmed that the rain has been extraordinary. We have had more rain than Darwin. A neighbour told me the weather reminded her of Brisbane.

Rachel Olding was eloquent in her article:

Sydney’s long summer has gone to the dogs, with weeks of drizzle driving beachgoers off the sand and into autumn hibernation.

Ocean swims at Coogee and Mollymook were cancelled as southerly winds whipped up large and dangerous surf on Sunday.

Swells on the NSW coast were up to three metres, and in a rare sight, the waves in Sydney Harbour were big enough to lure surfers to Shark Bay, off Nielsen Park.

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