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When the torrential rain arrived on Sunday, I was conscious of local concerns to do with the house. Only later did I see the see the photos of the street flooding and the news reports.

Out of respect for Dexter and Hannah, I will forestall the occasion to label them as either knight or dame. If only only who occupy the nominally highest office in the country would exercise such restraint. Enough said already except to note this both silliness and viciousness at the same time, which will have consequences.

On Sunday before the rain, a small group of people marked the anniversary of the 1887 Mine Disaster by reading out the names of the known causalities and pausing for a minutes silence. The generation that is traumatized by such events passing away, and the memory can be almost lost. I have not been able to locate the original mine site. Out of caution I keep to the track.

Similarly, I declined to attempt crossing the creek. It would be foolish to be either hurt, get unduly wet, or walk ankle deep in mud. The photos indicate the degree of erosion that too place. I was criticized or letting Hannah off the lead to walk in the creek. Our path was blocked by fallen tree.

On Friday, I walked up to the dam, which originally supplied the mine with water. The site of the original mine is somewhere along that path.

I wondering whether this torrential downpour rates as an extreme weather event. Will Steffen recalls recent extreme weather. The last heavy rainfall I can recall was in 1998, but while there was street flooding then, I don’t recall it was extreme as this time. All along this part of the coastline the storm water courses have diverted and land reclaimed from marshland.

Not to have any rain also represents a problem. There is an suggestion that the coming El Nino will be more pronounced than we have seen before.

I had flu shot this week. These are not supposed to make you sick. That does not seemed to have worked out.

Dexter and Hannah did get out. Some photos were taken. The video of them lasts for a little over 2 minutes. The music is “Chances” by Silent Partners.

Don’t tell Dexter or Hannah, Joan Baez joined with Mary Travers to sing, “Lonesome Valley”:



1. wmmbb - March 30, 2014

I am aware that mining and the combustion of coal, without fossil fuels, has given rise to the change in the composition of atmospheric gases and climate change. Many of those who died attracted to this area because of their experience in coal mines.

Now there are no excuses, particularly for governments, to deny the relationship and the consequences.

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