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Posted by wmmbb in Australian Politics.

It seems that Tony Abbott consulted Quentin Bryce and Peter Cosgrove and now to become notionally “dame” and “knight of the realm”

SBS reports (via AAP):

Retiring Governor-General Quentin Bryce has become a dame and her successor Peter Cosgrove will become a knight, after Mr Abbott asked the Queen to restore the system of pre-eminent honours.

The honours category, which was removed in 1986, will recogniseextraordinary and pre-eminent Australians for their service to Australia or humanity. Up to four knights or dames can be appointed each year.

“I believe this is an important grace note in our national life,” Mr Abbott said on Tuesday.

The following comment was posted at The Guardian:

The Knights on their muscular chargers, fighting Saladin, a true knight in a turban, the anonymous, armoured- suited jouster on his swaying horse, or riding in the charge of the Light Brigade is one set of images.. What is the go with the Dames? I get the impression – and I may be wrong – that this evokes and introduces a very patriarchal view of society.

Lenore Taylor’s article there is, “Tony Abbott’s Knights Take Us Back to the Dark Ages”.

Time for some grace notes to resume the balance in national life, direct from the Republic that legislated the “Declarations of Rights of Man and the Citizen”. Over to the Dames:

“Get thee to the Abbey, Tony”. Your liege men duly tapped on the shoulder with a blunt sword – George, Arthur and Eddie and their trusty steads – will be there to greet you.



1. wmmbb - March 28, 2014

The words are interesting based I can translate eg smiles are recognized?

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