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Dexter and Hannah seem to take to their mostly daily walks. They would notice if they did not get out.

It would be good if Picasa recovered from its hiatus, and we could load the photos as easily as was possible just a few months ago. There is no sign that this will change any time soon. Adapting to the You Tube format requires more creativity than seems available.

There are times when a photo would be a good, but not possible. I was in the backyard the other night and saw a possum. It was not the usual brown colouring. I think it was grey and black. While the possum did not seem to react too much to the torch, a camera flash might be something else. I always worry when native animals do not have any fear of humans. I suppose it was surprise meeting for both of us.

Dexter and Hannah may not be good subjects, but at times I suspect that they have got the hang of this camera business. Perhaps that is just the tolerance that dogs have developed through domestication.

“Thought I heard a blackbird sing”. Sure. The birds sound their calls and express themselves. I am not sure the dogs take note. Jerry Garcia sang, “So Many Roads”:



1. wmmbb - March 22, 2014

Here is a suggestion: turn down Richard and listen to Jerry. His many roads maybe metaphorical our one way is habitual.

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