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MANUS VIDEO March 1, 2014

Posted by wmmbb in Australian Politics, Human Rights.

The Immigration Minister commented that the refugee/prisoners at Manus Island were given breakfast the next morning after the riot that he initially attributed to the asylum seekers. Now The Guardian has published video footage describing the situation as a “war zone”.

Oliver Laughland reports:

The video, obtained by Guardian Australia, was filmed at the makeshift hospital created on a concrete wharf next to the floating accommodation block used by Australian detention centre staff. It is the first footage to be seen from the disturbance that left one man, Reza Barati, dead, one shot, and dozens wounded, 13 seriously.

The footage, shot in the early hours of Tuesday, after G4S personnel “lost control” of their local riot squads and Papua New Guinea police were observed in violent altercations with asylum seekers, shows the injured brought in on a ute, one after another. The events occur in near darkness, with only a soft green light, torches and headlamps from the vehicles illuminating the makeshift hospital.

Some asylum seekers being treated at the scene can be heard groaning in pain. At one point a staff member shouts out the words “gunshot wound” and a body is rushed through.

No asylum seekers can be seen at any point resisting staff, and one witness told Guardian Australia that at least one patient was observed with a plastic handcuff on one hand during the night.

This event confirms the judgement of the UNHCR Report on the offshore “detention” centre broadcast on PNG TV:

The Abbott Government’s attempt to manage news by secrecy, spin and misinformation was always going to be vulnerable to disclosure. Why the dehumanization of people. Why the cruelty? Perhaps the escalation of violence, sanitised as deterrence or mere threat power, has now crossed the threshold of murder. When does it stop – as it must?



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