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Tomorrow may not be a new season. Whether or not the seasons are properly described by a convention developed in NW Europe is an open question. Probably the seasons should be defined by the position of the sun.

Nonetheless the Earth has moved on its journey along the elliptical journey in concert around the Sun, which in turn is caught in the great sweep of the spiral Milky Way Galaxy. We live our small fortunate lives, which we can self-determine to do so in peace, among the ¬†forms of the miracle of life. However, Robert Krulwich wonders “Is the Earth Under New Management”.

Summer temperatures across Australia were the hottest on record, but here thankfully they were reasonably cool. There was rain yesterday and the creek had water. Average rain conditions are expected to continue for the next quarter.

Dogs, as other mammals, are sentient and conscious beings. That is not a problem for them. They seem pretty responsive to their human compadres. However, I am not suggesting they pay attention to me all the time, and that includes times when I would want them to. They may pose, but not for long.

Interestingly, contrary to the prevailing wisdom, it has been suggested that Dingoes are a necessary ingredient in the ecosystem. Cameron Wilson reports:

Dingo researcher Lyn Watson believes farmers might soon want to restock their properties with dingoes.

Watson, who runs the Dingo Discovery Research Centre north of Melbourne, is trying to breed a viable population to re-introduce into the environment. She currently has 30 pure bred dingoes.

‘Now it’s being proven that … leaving dingoes alone is actually leading to better control of herbivores that are in competition for the grass,’ say Watson.

‘I think many of the enlightened farmers are starting to come around now.’

Arian Wallach agrees, and has set up one of the country’s first ‘predator-friendly, dingo-friendly cattle stations’ at Evelyn Downs in South Australia.

‘We cannot have a pastoral system without a healthy ecosystem and we can’t have healthy ecosystems without dingoes,’ she says.

More prosaically, for the dogs, as for me, it may be psychologically beneficial but it difficult to say that they and I are getting enough exercise. The ABC reports half of the Australian population are not getting enough exercise. They don’t specify what exercise is required and in what form. However, it suggested that uncontrolled dogs are one inhibition for people to exercise in regional areas.

We managed to navigate the hazards and survived in wholeness, if not full health, for another week:

Peter Gabriel does not believe the information.



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