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One days, weeks or months, Picasa may allow multiple posting of photos again. In the meantime, I will consign my weekly record of Dexter and Hannahs walks on You Tube.

I have not much to say this week. My thoughts are broken. I have no wish to cause ripples. There are plenty of pebbles to toss, but the creek at the crossing is dry. We are merely grateful to be alive.

So are the animals at Edgar’s Mission, a sanctuary in Willowmavin, Victoria. During the recent bush fires. All the animals were evacuated. Then they were able to return home. As the sanctuary writes on Facebook:

“These images will truly go down in our memory as some of our happiest moments ever. See what you think, and we are sure you will never doubt that non-human animals are emotional creatures too!”


There are more photos.

Dexter and Hannah were caught on the following sequence converted to You Tube. The music is by Simon Wynberg, “Out of the Earth” [Earth Songs – Narada Collections]

(There was music, which was acknowledged. Now it is silent. There is no way this can be predicted.)

The references are to the Grateful Dead’s. “Ripple”:



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