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I don’t know what is going on with Picasa. It is possible of course that the “publish to blogger”, or “blog this” function has been removed for what reason I cannot imagine.

Nonetheless, I thought I would persist with the dog blog and try to make the best of it. I was attempting to add some interest with the comments.

As it happens, it is suggested canine and human behaviors are often at cross purposes. One of the rules that I see often advocated by the experts is that the dogs should follow, so they recognize the human as the pack leader. I find it easier to break this injunction, except when we go down step inclines. Of course, it means that they have not trained for street walking. The failure to recognize that dogs understand behavioral clues differently is important to recognize.

Having dogs means that I have to take them out. I guess it is useful exercise. It is easy to forget what has taken place here since European settlement.

The area behind our house is an old coal mine with its history, including tragedy, which can seem remote. So it is an environment that is natural but one affected by human activity. The coal mine dates from the 1860’s. The disaster of 1887, which killed 81 men and boys, resulted from exploding gas, principally methane. There were an unrecorded number of pit ponies who died. One young miner from the past observed the horses were well looked after.

As for Dexter and Hannah they would always believe I think that they could be fed more, even if the wiser course would be to eat less.

Here is the video. The music is “Dancing in November” by Acoustic Project. As always errors crept into the comments.



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