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Picasa is still not working, although it did work as it had done previously for short while. I had to revert to using You Tube.

This represents challenges, and perhaps opportunities. The big problem, the last to be faced, is selecting the music. I went with Srauss’ “Blue Danube”, not because of any relevance, but principally because it was available. The good thing about Picasa is that places a limit of twenty photos. This video has thirty-five photos.

It seems to me a painter, allowing for the disciplines of that art, has advantages. The picture can be created to illustrate the insight of the artist. This might be illustrated by the following, which were loaded when briefly all systems were go:

(Background figure )
Self Portrait – Vincent Van Gogh
Self Portrait – Leonardo da Vinci.
Posted by Picasa

As for Dexter and Hannah, they are not much into posing. Sometimes, with luck, it possible to capture something of their “being”. Photos are never neutral they are almost always edited. So the editing process is going on unacknowledged. Whatever difficulties dogs may present for taking photos, they are in the moment and have an integrity about their non-verbal communication.

So here is the video:



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