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The flies had returned with a vengeance. With the return of rain they do not seem as bad. I was surprised at how quickly the creek dried out again following rain earlier in the week. Yet the ground appeared moist. We have had more rain today.

Who knows where the time goes?  However, I had better not tell either Dexter or Hannah they are 10, 000 years older than was thought. That, after all, taking  taking the “tempus fugit” thing to a new level. Turns out the headline in The Independent was explained by the story:

Professor Robert Wayne of the University of California at Los Angeles said that an ancient European lineage of grey wolf, which has since gone extinct, is the most likely direct ancestor of the first domesticated dogs based on similarities in genetic sequences.

“We found that instead of recent wolves being closest to domestic dogs, ancient European wolves were directly related to them. This brings the genetic record into agreement with the archaeological record – Europe is where the oldest dogs are found,” Professor Wayne said.

I was sitting down confounded and distracted, when along comes a bloke without my noticing him. Dexter rushes and barks, I get almost pulled off the rock, exclaim. “Great arvo”, he says and comments, referring to Dexter, “He is only trying to protect you.” I thought “great insight”. If you can understand dogs, you can get along with them – otherwise it can be an unfortunate relationship.

So with such meanderings, I took the odd, stray photo again this week, and compressed them without reference to time.


Enya makes the temporal reference:

Perhaps, so we survive, in 2020 we may look back with greater acuity.


Who knows whether Friday Ark will be sailing? We might find out tomorrow.


Picasa was used to arrange the photos.

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