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Posted by wmmbb in US Politics.

Antipathy to government is one thing, but taking it to almost the limit is another.

And it seems that small concentrated minorities taken over the process of democracy, and what passes for checks and balances, but more recently seems better described as dysfunction.

At Truthdig, Peter Scheer describes the sense of triumph now the the shutdown is over – for the time been, until  February  next year, The budget bill had been designed in the Senate and was signed by the President on Thursday:

It’s an obvious win for the Democrats, even if they have to fight again in just a few months. The Affordable Care Act, the original impetus for the House-led shutdown, remains intact. It has now survived challenges in all three branches of government and is more than ever firmly established as the law of the land.

Republicans took a beating in the polls, with House Speaker John Boehner carrying their banner. As elder statesmen of the Grand Old Party, such as Sen. John McCain, predicted, the public did not enjoy losing vital and even mundane government services, and mostly blamed Republicans for the shutdown.

Eighty-seven Republicans in the House and more than half in the Senate voted to fund the government, just weeks after Boehner began claiming that he didn’t have the votes.

Democrats did not escape unscathed. While voters may have blamed Republicans more, President Obama and his party also dropped in the polls, with most Americans expressing concern about the direction of the country.

I cannot make head nor tail of this method and approach to government, public policy and budgets, but here is an explanation (toward the end) from Cenk Uygur, which suggests that President Obama is complicit with the Republican, even Tea Party, objectives:

Brian has more at Lavatus Prodeo – Armageddon indeed. Since the Tea Party are somehow involved, as mostly Southern and rural people who feel disconnected from the urban North, here is what the real partiers looked like:

(Via Alt Market.com)

I cannot see a three-cornered hat or “don’t tread on me sign”.  Ah, the new game is, “Let’s play with the world economy”.



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