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HOAXES GALORE September 20, 2013

Posted by wmmbb in Australian Politics, CLIMATE CHANGE.

This is perhaps the authoritative source the Australian Government will be relying on to support their Climate Change policies. Perhaps not.

The Global Warming Hoax is apparently debunked in twelve minutes:

This information source is so strong that it makes the 2007 IPCC Report summary irrelevant.

While, we are told the Climate Commission has been sacked,its’ website still remains with reference to the report on the Critical Decade. I am sure that the Prime Minister and the Minister for the Environment will be cognoscente of the report and it will guide their future actions. ABC News reported on the demise of the Climate Commission.

Will Seffen et al review the report:

Tony and his Climate Change wrecking crew have got in before the finalization of the IPCC Report. The ABC reports on a draft copy:

The scenarios outlined in the draft report show global temperatures have risen by almost a degree since the pre-industrial era.

The report suggests sea levels could surge by a metre by the end of the century, in part because glaciers and ice sheets are melting faster.

Evidence suggests that if carbon emissions keep rising, it would lead to a near complete loss of the Greenland ice sheet and a seven-metre sea level rise by the end of the millennium.

But one thing scientists have been battling to explain is why the rate of warming has slowed.

The draft report says the rate of warming over the past 15 years (1998-2012) is likely to have been 0.05 degrees, smaller than the trend since 1951 of 0.12 degrees.

John Cook from the Global Change Institute at The University of Queensland says the planet is still heating up.

So ipso facto climate change was all a hoax. I wonder what importance this government will give to  its’ scientific advice, given  the PM is a Climate Change Denier. I wonder whether the decision to abolish the Climate Commission was made by reference to Cabinet and with what measure of consideration. Like minds, such as those of Tony Abbott and Greg Hunt, are not necessary good decision-makers.


While the website for the Climate Commission exists, it is possible to still apply to be put on the email list.



1. cartoonmick - September 20, 2013

The changing climate, , , , Why is it so, , , , , , Only time will tell, , , , , But there are 2 sides to the debate, , , , , And this link below gives a simple and brief insight to the thinking from one of these sides , , ,




wmmbb - September 20, 2013

I suspect many problems, including the understanding of climate change as a political debate, arises from issues that are pretty much well understood among scientists for decades.

As you illustrate, Mick, we are living inside the laboratory.,We might metaphorically step outside by declaring correlation is not cause, while forgetting a causes are direct and indirect, observable correlations, Otherwise why engage in natural observation?

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