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Dogs become very attuned to their human companions. That is a matter of perception. Dexter picks up on my emotional state at times. Less apparently so, Hannah because she seems more into vigorous activity.

Other people, naturally enough do not see our dogs the same way. They could not be blamed for being apprehensive if Hannah were to start barking at them. Dexter, as I repeat continually never gets off the lead. I have been letting Hannah off, but now I have had to change the policy. Unfortunately, as happened today, it sometimes means she does not get a workout.

Dexter continued his record of escapades this week. He jumped over the fence and carried out some investigations along the street. Hannah complained but I left her behind. I was able to put Dexter on the lead, and got the impression he was quite pleased to be walking down the street back home.

We might tend to idolize our significant others, but sometimes it is true they do indeed have golden hearts, reminding us of that human possibility, and sometimes the passing of the years does not diminish. This potential is not limited to humans, and can be shared by canines, who nonetheless can behave in unexpected and more dog-like ways.

Of course, when the sun is shining, both Dexter and Hannah have their moments of golden reflection. Then I might get lucky with a photo:




Mark Knopfler has the song with his supporting musicians, and I suppose the lyrics mean something:


We will go and board Friday Ark joining the other dogs and animals, perhaps embodying the heart of the Earth.


Picasa made the organization of the photographs possible.

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