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Perhaps Dexter and Hannah are not disposed to look straight at me, and there is much turning away that goes on. They may be acting consistent with their nature.

There are some situations that should be faced.  While I have a cold, and most people I meet seem to have colds, it has been  the warmest July on record. During last month I was advised by the Vet that they had already seen dogs with ticks.

Veterinarian, Dr Elise Barry (via Paws for Life) provides the following advice

With the weather soon warming up, tick season is approaching. The paralysis tick is found predominately on the Eastern Coast of Australia. A spike in numbers is seen after heavy rain, followed by warm weather. Dogs are typically more affected by ticks than cats, however it is very important to protect all your companion animals from ticks – as toxicity can be fatal.

Coastal forests and bushlands are common habitats for ticks. Ticks are also frequently seen in long grasses, overgrown shrubbery, or compost piles.

A thorough check of your pet’s coat daily is the most important way of preventing toxicity. I have even seen ticks inside ears, lips and under tails so make sure you check every nook and cranny!

Use a tick remover and don’t stop even if you find one, as there could be more. Make sure you remove the body and head (get your local vet to check).

Unfortunately there is no 100% protection against ticks, so prevention is best.

Paralysis Tick Toxicity Signs:

  • change in bark/meow
  • clearing throat/gagging/coughing
  • wobbly gait/inability to get up
  • salivating/regurgitation/vomiting
  • breathing problems

If any of these signs are seen, contact your vet immediately.

Our normal path is through likely tick-prone areas. We could either turn away, or be extra careful, although as stated prevention would be the better option.



Canines such as Dexter and Hannah are likely to turn away from time to time. This not equally true for Human Beings. Pink Floyd preform On the Turning Away:

(For those who do not reside in these parts, the reason for this selection may not be self-evident. Australia is turning away refugees and asylum seekers who sail on boats from Indonesia, or rather diverting them to PNG, Nauru and other centres of detention. )


We will duly seek to board again Friday Ark.


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