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THE MANNING TRIAL August 1, 2013

Posted by wmmbb in Internet Age, US Politics.

Bradley Manning’s military espionage trial has now entered the sentencing stage. He has gone from being recognized in court as “the accused” to “the defendant”. This phase of the trial is expected to last some months.

It is a drawn out process. So much to the right of speedy trial. He has had to wait three years of incarceration, including a period at the Marine base, Qauntico, Virginia his treatment according to the special UN investigator amounted to torture. As Michael Moore reveals he would have been better off in respect to his treatment to have been a war criminal and murderer than whistle blower. Then, without precedent or apology, the Commander-In-Chief, the President of the US, declared him guilty. There were procedural issues related to the prosecutions charges.

The judge made her determinations of guilt of the accused on Wednesday. The big news was that she rejected the charge of treason, of aiding the enemy, but nonetheless accepted counts of spying, and other charges that amounted to a possible 136 years of imprisonment. Don’t notice the absurdity of the contradictions just keep marching to the military band.

Various media outlets, not least the ABC, have framed the Manning trial by posing the question: Is he traitor or hero? The judge has made her determination. Now the question, among others, is who was Bradley Manning spying for, if not, as he claimed, the American Public. So, discard the assumption of democracy, and it all makes sense.

Time to round up the usual suspects.

Jeffery Smith goes head to head with Michael Ratner:

Irag war veteran, Michael Prysner, should obviously be ignored:

Democracy Now reported before the verdict, the Collateral Murder tapes were described as non relevant, Colonel Morris Davis from Guantanamo, and Kevin Gosztola:

Alexa O’Brien reviews the verdict with Amy Goodman:

As the trial proceeds into its’ second phase, questions of motivation can now apparently be addressed, which is an oddity, one imagines, for criminal proceedings.The “appeals process” is somewhere in the future. When will it end?


Michael Ratney explains the legal state of play in this interview, especially in relation to the espionage charges, saying that these have never previously led to convictions:

Alexa O’Brien describes the sentencing process with some detail. This is a copy of her piece published in The Daily Beast.

Ben Weizier, The Government has Made its Point (The New York Times). I know that in the local court there is “slot machine justice”, a somewhat pejorative description, but this trial is grudgingly open at best. Nonetheless, the judge is surely required to provide written arguments as the basis for her decisions, and they do not seem to be available.This is no ordinary military trial, not like, for example, The Caine Mutiny -popular culture is the main reference I have for understanding these things.

Cindy Cohn, The Bradley Manning Verdict and the Mad Hacker Prosecution (Electronic Frontier Foundation). This may be a source for the judge’s reasoning in the Manning Case.

Candice Bernd, Manning Found not guilty of  Aiding the Enemy, Guilty on 19 Counts (Truthout) – The damage done to soldiers just by been there, not to consider  physical injuries should be considered. So who are the real criminals in regard to the Iraq Invasion?


Caitlin Dewey, Manning was Charged Under the Espionage Act, It does not have a proud History (The Washington Post)




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