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PEACE DIVIDEND July 30, 2013

Posted by wmmbb in Peace.

The economic benefits of peace are seldom described. War as has been long recognized is good for profits.  Wars, including foreign interventions and invasions, are particularly good for generating refugees, who then become the victims, which we blame, in essence because we mostly imagine they are not like us, despite being human.

Correlation is not cause, but economics, I imagine, unlike for example physics, proceeds on the cause and effect assumption. Falling profit when associated with the absence of war, is likely to lead to the search for war on the part of those who would otherwise profit. Rod Allison presents the case that war is profitable.

So is peace profitable? If so, how does it differ? Let’s look at the summary of Global Peace Index 2013(via The Metter Center):

The full report, describes how the indexes are framed. Some may be sceptical, but I think their creation is impressive.

What significance does Australia’s ranking as 16th have in relation to Japan at 6 and Germany at 15? As a smaller, stable democracy, and one not ravaged by war, Australia might be expected to have a edge, given the fine distinctions involved.

It is not immediately obvious why there should be such a disparity between the Czech Republic (14) and Slovakia (33). The comparative place and indexes for Spain and Greece are of interest, now both countries have subjected to the EU austerity programs. PNG has the same standing on this index as the US. There does not appear to be much difference between the UK, France and Indonesia. A large gap is shown between South and North Korea. Iran and Israel, by this measure, are playing in the same league.


An interesting set of snippets taken from Bill Moyers’ interviewees: Civil Disobedience, Non-Violence and Overcoming Hate.



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