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I am often calling both Dexter and Hannah saying, “Come on”, “Hurry”. When we go out this request is reversed. Dexter might be indicating something like “Get a move on”. Things change when they stop to have a closer investigation of the scents that interest them.

Hannah has her story, as does her namesake. She rounded up a cyclist this evening on the paddock mound. I am not sure why she was barking at him. Dexter and I were out of sight. He might have felt a bit frightened, or inconvenienced. He said he would kick her, while saying that I should be a responsible dog owner. A few, not angry words were exchanged, and Hannah came when I called her. I suppose I forget that other people are not used to dogs, and don’t have experience at closely trying to read their body language.

This example of a cultural clashes falls short of the xenophobia*, among what I imagine represents a small minority of the population, albeit those who experience the influx of other people into their places, that seems to driving refugee policy. Still differences have to be successfully negotiated, and the failure to do so, even in comparatively trivial matters can make things worse than they should be.

Many of us who live here might be described as internal asylum seekers. The hidden hand of the market tends to gather similar people, although cultural distance between can be greater than appearances might indicate.. So far, there is no “Stop the Dogs” campaign.

(Literally meaning fear of the stranger or foreigner, from the Greek Xenos + Phobia. When I project such feelings on others, a possible habitual thing to do, I should include myself. I am now of the opinion that reconciliation of the invading and the indigenous societies, which at minimum means the full recognition of past historical  wrongs, is essential, because I now perceive the pressures associated with population movements will increase in the future. Let’s not be the Israel of the South East Indian Ocean/ South West Pacific. , “Come on”.)




Midnight or Midday would make no difference to Dexter. Given the opening, he would be heading for the street. Dexy’s Midnight Runners perform, “Come On Eileen”:


Sometime tomorrow, which might still be Friday, we go to  board Friday Ark at Modulator.


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