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So perhaps I get some benefits from walking the dogs, and not just Dexter and Hannah. Or perhaps Hannah  gets the benefits from running. That excludes Dexter, since I don’t let him off – to avoid more walking on my part and his getting on the road.

Meghna Merhergee at The Times of India suggests:

There are several benefits of walking. Some of them are as follows-

Walking regularly at a good speed improves your muscle strength and endurance and also helps build stamina.

It is good for your heart. Walking is known to reduce your blood pressure, improve your blood circulation and all round cardio vascular functions.

Walking is said to be good for your bones. It is a great way to strengthen your bones. Walking about 30 minutes a day increases your bone density and slows down bone loss in your legs.

This low-impact exercise is also said to target your spine, legs and hips.

It promotes mental well-being. Known as a great stress-buster, if you walk outdoors, the combination of fresh air and exercise is an excellent way to boost your morale and mood.

Helps prevent type 2 diabetes. Studies have revealed that walking approximately 150 minutes per week can reduce the risk of diabetes.

Reduces the risk of colon and breast cancer.

Last but not the least, walking is said to be safer than running. Fitness experts are of the opinion that walking is better for your knees and joints as compared to running. It leads to fewer injuries and is said to be a good beginner workout.

So Dexter is right I should walk faster. I was running, but by that means I have hurt my knee. The net effect is now I have slowed down.

How quickly the rain of last week would be forgotten, other than the witness of the photos, particularly of the flooded creek and the fallen trees.

I am pretty sure the photos can be enlarged. Click and see. …………………………………


I am getting ahead of the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John Kennedy on 22 November. I wondered what songs were popular at that time.

There was Rufus Thomas, Walking the Dog:

By way of contrast, Mark Knopfler with Wild Theme:

Just quietly, rewilding this part of the world, regardless of how amazing the result might be, is a long term project, which as far I know has not been considered.


So it is Friday also tomorrow – not here but there. If we get our act together, we may board in good order Friday Ark. …………………………………….

Picasa was used to organize the photos.

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