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Astrophysicist, Neil De Grasse Tyson, poses the problem of how do we expect to understand another species when we cannot communicate with creatures here on earth  who share our DNA.

The full quote ,”Who are we to say we are intelligent? is the title of the following video: 

Of course, I don’t interact with Chimps. Perhaps we have had a longer evolutionary association with dogs, although not as close genetically. As far as I know – and I don’t know – it never occurs to Dexter and Hannah “to think” whether they are brindle or tan. What they make of their respective smells, and my smell, I don’t know that either. I usually can rely on their sense of hearing, if I take notice. I know there are times they expect me to understand and respond either to touch or simply looking forlornly at me. For example, some nights ago, Dexter came up to me as I sat and put his nose to my hand, I know he needed to be let out.

That does not exhaust the possibilities, nor is it like the Spaceman visiting Earth, as in The Day The Earth Stood Still, by some means not explained learning how to speak English, and providing a time capsule of social and political attitudes. And it is more likely that the robot, given the distances in light years, will be the visitor, rather than a representative of alien species. They will probably communicate, as we would, by visual means and demonstration, probably violence, to show how advanced we are, and how every time we lived by cooperation we failed as a species.

Dexter and Hannah were as always more concerned with mundane things. If they weren’t I was. I was crook. I had congestion that has stuck around now for more than a week. And then there is the perennial issue of how to estimate a dogs age in human years. The BBC has a dog age calculator, based on a limited range of breeds.


Jim Morrison sang “Touch Me”. As I mentioned that is also a from of non-human communication in its connotative sense. An interview with Ray Manzarek, I heard this week, confirmed the band drew the name from the doors of perception.

The keyboard was performed by Ray Manzarek, who died this week.

This week we will make out business, to hail down Friday Ark and board.


Picasa was used to organize the photos, although the selections had to be made, perhaps badly, independently.

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1. Camp Cookstown - May 29, 2013

Wow! Two beautiful looking dogs! Thanks for sharing this post.

wmmbb - May 30, 2013

There is more to these two than meets the eye.

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