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Posted by wmmbb in Australian Politics, Social Environment.

These people are not even in the proper media. They are not from the touchstones tabloid images created by Rupert.The Institute of Public Affairs doubtless is all indignity.

So here goes, The Headless Chooks:

Don’t worry about the violent imagery – it cannot affect you. “Fired up and ready to go”, right. We all run on your stupidity, not our intelligence. If you don’t believe me I invite you to call Sharon Bird’s office, and ask about live animal exports.

We had better watch it. There are tats, full body tats, electronic tattoos and Ancient Greek stories and Jorge Luis Borges:

Information overload is only as good as the algorithm you use for discombobulation. Mixed messages, like messy tats, must be like the fires of hell.


The commenters at Catallaxy are on the case. They seem to respond automatically. Sometimes there is no reference to the context of the video, as in the case of Milton Friedmann. Unless we have a political space in which there is listening as well is propositions and evidence, we don’t have politics, let alone democracy, liberal or otherwise.


This was a real ad, not a spoof. It is even more funny than I thought. They are putting themselves forward as an alternative government, currently according to the polls with majority support.

It seems, according to a national survey by Melbourne University that 70% of voters are tuning out of the election campaign. I suppose the calculation is that they are committed voters, and that the prudent strategy from the point of view of the parties is to concentrate on the marginal voters, who determine the election. The purpose of the survey is assess whether social media can boost political participation,



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