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Sometimes with a struggle, the dogs got out again this week. For them all the outings are not in vain. It is the sort of thing as nature’s scavengers and hunters they would be doing. 

The bloke at the back who insists he is the pack leader might be getting some benefits. On reflection walking in the bush does create a positive effect.

Hannah is allowed off the lead to run. Dexter has a dream to run the road and enjoy liberty. Luckily for me since I am not in the best condition, this has been avoided. We did meet a woman along our journey who was accompanied by children and two dogs. I called out. Her response was the question: “Are your dogs vicious?”. To which I had the ready, if uninspiring cliche to offer: “better safe than sorry”.  So we took to the bush, and went off the beaten track just for a change.

On a note of philosophical reflection, it is extraordinary how large our egotism we  have in our head, when our planet is so small in the scheme of things. Still, difficult as it might be realize, it is important to preserve those things those components of  life that are vital, beginning with the ecosystem.


Sometimes there is a sense that many things have engaged time have been in vain. Something of this mental disposition is captured in the duet, “All the Road Running” with Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris:


Where have all the dogs gone? Anyway they do not seem to sailing with Friday Ark, so I suppose we will line up to board.


Good job Picasa for making the photo arrangements possible. The content is wholly my responsibility.

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