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I have not fully recovered from my fall of two weeks ago. I am a lot better. The dogs seem to sense that they need to go easy, when they remember.

How interesting can it be to record daily events. I don’t believe that it is all that interesting and it is necessarily repetitious – perhaps like a song. I am very lucky that I have an option to walking around the street, and that certainly would be more interesting in some respects, but that may represent the type of excitement I can forego. It is bad enough when Dexter gets his druthers and follows the call of freedom.

By way of background the area out the back was once of an active coalmine. Part of the above ground activity, would have involved a steam train carrying the coal to the coal crusher from where it would be transported by another train at a lower level – below where Dexter and Hannah sometimes pose on the rock – to a ship in the bay along a jetty that extended to the sea.

The past is another country, and now the bush is quiet except for the calling of birds and after the rains the chorus of frogs. Then there are other countries from which the non-indigenous people are drawn, and their stories of separation are for the most part untold. Occasionally through a recounting of family history there might be a story connecting the New England whalers to them this distant and remote locations. Irish folk music records, sometimes obliquely, the saddest of departure,which otherwise can be silent. Steamships and incentives provided for others a sense of opportunity and promise, although no doubt often mixed with saddest a newly born child died during passage or soon after arrival.

Dexter and particularly Hannah’s purpose is focused on the moment, and they read my behavior with at first questioning but increasing certainty as I prepare for their walk, often forgetting what I should remember.



After a while any place begins to feel like home. Dexter, Hannah and me, although we don’t travel far, still feel like going home:


We will nevertheless venture forth and check out whether Friday Ark is travelling our way this week.


Picasa was used to organize the photos, and to lighten up Hannah from the enveloping shadows.

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