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I am still feeling the effects of the fall I had last week. There are no superficial bruising, but I injured my left calf.

Naturally, the dogs don’t why that miserable person behind them is carrying on as he is. I tried to keep taking them out. This was, in retrospect, not the best approach. Imight have followed the program of applying ice – a pack of frozen peas does this job – and then applied some days later a wet hot compress. Because I don’t have a suitable bandage, I used a hospital stocking and that seemed to work.

Things worked out better when I let Hannah off the lead, knowing that she will range around then come back. However, I have to give consideration to other people, sometimes with dogs. Most times these meetings would work out, but that cannot be guaranteed.

Dexter is not given any latitude. I cannot keep up with him when fully fit, let along carrying an injury. And as another example of improvisation, I have stopped him from getting out onto the street. He is indignant.

Hannah. the exception, is not a whinger. Sometimes she is taken aback, when her energy and affection, includes a straight left paw to the eye, inducing a verbal rejoinder.

All I can say is: “Think about many times, I have fallen. Spirits are using me, larger voices calling”.

Of course, without context, photos too can be deceptive. They can be, and are, edited and selected. The dogs, for example, more often than not, are not going to looking in the same direction, or even at the person trying to photograph them, which makes perfect sense.


The Southern Cross has a strong connection for me, and probably many others. It perhaps cannot be seen from the other hemisphere with the same degree of familiarity. Crosby, Stills,  and Nash  provide the reference and source the lyrics:


Friday Ark may be, “Sailing a reach before a following sea. . . making for the trades on the outside. . . the downward run to Papeetee Bay” . . . to these parts. We will board, and you may visit Friday Ark as well.


The photos were organized and presented with the help of Picasa.

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