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Sometimes along our journey we do meet other people and dogs, which becomes a metaphor for our lives.

Of course, that is a good thing to happen, but provided I can see ahead. Dogs then to be very silent in their approach. Rusty came up behind us as I was taking an odd photo of Dexter and Hannah. Before I fully registered, I had been pulled over. The ground was still slippery from the recent rain. Other than now being somewhat sore and sorry, nothing else happened.

I saw an interesting pair of birds at the knoll but was not quick enough to take some photographs. The photo I managed is the bird in a tree, which I have expanded as much as I can. Now I think, based on behavior, these were birds of prey. They both circled and glided around, and swooped to the ground, in a way that I think is untypical of cockatoos. I referred the evidence to a local birding person and he suggested they were red-tailed Black Cockatoos. These birds are not typical for this area.
Here is the photo:

Dexter and Hannah will be anticipating their walk tomorrow. I just hope I am able to oblige them. They are in fact, born to run.

Both Dexter and Hannah are originally rescue dogs who I suppose got lucky. I could be mistaken but I believe Emmylou Harris supplorts such a rescue operation for shelter dogs in Nashville called Boneparte’s Retreat. The name may relate to this song, written by Mark Knopler who she accompanies:



Hannah identifies with the following collaboration, which Emmylou Harris wrote. Dexter does too, but that is another story. I seem to have stopped him from jumping down from the front gate and so out onto the street, with some protest as as summed up the situation.


Thus we won’t be running to meet, and hopefully, board Friday Ark at Modulator, but we hope to get there when it sails into view. Cats seem to outnumber dogs, and there other animals including birds.

The photos were placed with Picasa.

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