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Recently we have had heavy rain. Over a time span of ten days the crossing point of the creek has gone from no water in it to flood levels.

Ideally it would be better not to take Dexter and Hannah anywhere near the creek to avoid paralysis ticks, so I am depending on the chemical treatment I give them every two weeks. So far it seems to have worked, but that should not be taken for granted. I ought to be checking Dexter and Hannah for ticks everyday.

When the weather is relatively warm and damp, in this area, there are leeches. I get them on me every day we go out, and for some reasons the dogs don’t. Still I have to keep an eye out for them on their paws.

Now it is Autumn, the worst of the bush fire season may be over. The grass is growing rapidly, and I don’t think it presents too much of a hazard, as it might in drier areas, for grass fires.

Generally, we do not meet too many people, or more importantly dogs on a rambles, but given the social nature of canines it is something I have to be aware of. I like to think that nobody takes too much notice of me. i got a call from my former neighbour, who now lives on the top side of bush, asking when I was intending to take the dogs out, because she wanted to take her dog, Bear, who is getting a little old and has arthritis, through the park. She said to me, I know you like to sit on rocks. Actually, I sit on at least two rocks in different points of the walk – so it is a pretty relaxed operation. I did try jogging, but that was a disaster, and I have not fully recovered. Dexter and Hannah are remarkable patient with the invalid they sometimes have in tow.

This week I have tried to illustrate, not very successfully, the variable flow of the creek over the last ten days. so here we go again.


Ray Charles (d 2004) and Norah Jones seemed like an interesting blend of voices and styles, and they sing, “Here We Go Again”:


We will wait for Friday Ark to appear on the horizon and as is done with this vessel we will hail it and seek to board.


Picasa was used in organizing the photos.



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