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Posted by wmmbb in Australian Politics.

. . .and she should in the next breath take her leave. She is all toughness in relation to incarcerated asylum seekers and refugees.

The fitness of this person to be prime minister is not now in question. She has apparently now found her assertive voice. We have the real deal. Who are those that are the brunt of her brutality and cruelty? She chooses to damage further the the traumatized, most probably genuine refugees, who in addition have undergone a voyage in boats of dubious seaworthiness and physical amenity, and who now are cast in a desolate concentration camp in a remote island.

Bianca Hall, in The Sydney Morning Herald reports:

HUNGER strikes and suicide attempts by asylum seekers on Nauru will not get them ”anywhere”, the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, said on Monday.

Her hard line comes after reports by Fairfax Media that asylum seekers were attempting to hang themselves and self-harming within one month of arrival at Nauru.

”The first point to make is it doesn’t get you anywhere, doesn’t get you a changed outcome,” she said. ”Unfortunately people do sometimes take that step, but I do want to be very clear.

”Having a hunger strike or anything like that does not change people’s outcomes.

”The only thing that happens for people in our asylum-seeker facilities is there is a proper assessment of whether or not they are a genuine refugee.”

The only honourable course for her is to resign immediately. In fact the whole rotten crew can go with her, if her statements represents their values.

Andrew Thomas provides a brief overview of the bipartisan policy:



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