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The grass is growing ridiculously high in the back yard, and that includes the part I mowed. Up the back the deep green extends to the trees, making a contrast with the previous months. And now, if for a short while,the sound of running water can be heard in the creek.

It may be my imagination but it seems Dexter and Hannah have more to shift along the way. Hannah is exercising more independence when I let her off now.

It is both sometimes hard and foolish not to appreciate the routine – and that might not be a failure shared by dogs. As usual there was the odd photo along the way. What could go wrong?

9/11 changed that moment of peace and has created a vortex of revenge. Many made their last phone calls. Mark Knopfler wrote the song, “If this is goodbye” , which he sings with Emmylou Harris:


Let’s just go and see who else might have boarded at Friday Ark.


Picasa was used for the photos.



1. wmmbb - February 17, 2013

It occurs to me, much like the “catastrophic fire conditions” we experience in the first week of January, the sound recommendation was to have a plan, and while the circumstances cannot be foreseen, we may get lucky and have opportunity to say “goodbye”. I guess the moral is don’t leave it to the last moment. There is an end to every path. In leaving we might recognize and express our deepest responsibility to others.

2. wmmbb - February 17, 2013

Unfinished business – to find out what that song was.

By the way, Dexter and Hannah, listen in silence, so I suppose with equanimity to the repeated plays of this song.

wmmbb - February 22, 2013

The song is Why Worry. The concert was uploaded to youtube by DANA9918,, “Real Live Roadrunning“.

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