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The walks were not the principal focus of attention, although that is perhaps not true for Dexter and Hannah.

From a canine view, human beings can be a problem. Dexter had been got to go on his own walk. I thought he had been jumping the fence. Then I saw him in the act. He had found another way. He was able to jump down from the wall next to the front gate. I thought it may be a possibility, but that that wall was too high. Now that has been blocked off, in the usual temporary-permanent way, Dexter is whimpering at the imposition.

There are times that Hannah gets a decent run. These occur when she goes off in one direction, while Dexter and myself go in another. And sometimes this run is not easy to organize. She will at least stay around, whereas Dexter will go off on his own. To be fair to Dexter, I was pleased when he got out, and I had no idea where he had got to, that he chose to come up to me and walk by my side. It seems to be if I take Hannah he will run off. So he probably wants to get away from her for a time.

Here are the pictures. The rain came and the flow of the creek is now receding.

65 years ago a plane crashed near Los Gatos Canyon in California. Woody Guthrie read a newspaper report and wrote a song. The story does not appear to have changed. His son sings, “Deportees”, ¬†with Emmylou Harris:

This week we might actually remember to board Friday Ark, at Modulator, if it is sailing.


Picasa was used to organize the photos.



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