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HEALING THE EARTH February 3, 2013

Posted by wmmbb in Australian Politics, Global Warming Politics, Humankind/Planet Earth.

Is that indeed possible, will even the Australian election, now we know the date and our destiny, even seriously address climate change, or even the extreme weather events this year and last year that now seem regular and expected occurrences?

I think we all now are aware to some degree of how these things are orchestrated, and how money stalks with mob control, abetted with slicing and dicing of demographics and psychographics to effect public acclamation – and the mandate from heaven. The dies will be cast, as will the ballots. Who speaks for Earth? And why might anybody, if not everybody?

What has happened now that scientists have become agitators and symbolic actors? Incidentally, I did recognize this bloke – I think it was the hat:

James Hansen of Nasa holding what looks like a fragile globe of the turning, revolving Earth caught in its trajectory by the spinning Sun in turn moving with the Galaxy and the immense and largely unknown Universe.

Rabbi Arthur Waskow of The Shalom Center looks ahead for the year:

During the year ahead, our strongest efforts will continue to address the climate crisis. Let me share our reasons:

We try to focus our work on the basis of three factors:
* What are great dangers to the human race and the planetary web of life?
* What are resources of wisdom in Torah that might address these dangers?
* What best invokes and embodies the Presence of the Spirit?

Applying these three measures:

  •  At this historical moment, the deepest danger to our planetary web of life, including human civilization, is the climate crisis. Already we are experiencing climate-caused disasters like Superstorm Sandy, the corn-belt drought in the USA, droughts and rampant fires in Russia and Australia, huge floods in Pakistan. These extreme weather events will multiply and worsen. If we do not act now, famines, floods, the spread of hidden “tropical” diseases into heavily-populated areas are likely to create huge numbers of “climate refugees,” political turmoil, war. If we do act now, we can bring our new ecological knowledge and our ancient spiritual insights together, into creating a planetary Beloved Community.
  •  Torah encodes a profound understanding of right relationship between adam and adamah – human earthlings and the earth. This is especially true of biblical Judaism, in which shepherds and farmers lived as an indigenous people, close to the Earth, and encoded this sacred relationship in their sacred texts. The Jewish people at its best and wisest can preserve the insights of an indigenous people while at the same time being a “world people” – an extremely unusual convergence.
  • By understanding the “YHWH” Name of God as ruach ha’olam, a Breath, indeed the Interbreathing of all life – ruach ha’kodesh, the Holy Breathing Spirit – we can experience the climate crisis as a crisis in the Spirit’s own Self, a crisis in the very Name of God.

For the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in our atmosphere is the result of the Interbreathing of animals and plants. What we breathe in is what the trees breathe out; what the trees breathe in is what we breathe out. We breathe each other into life, and this is one meaning of God.

In our generation, the human race has distorted this Interbreathing so much as to heat and scorch the Earth. Torah sometimes speaks of God responding to human misdeeds with a Face turned purple in hot rage. We can lay aside the quasi-human metaphor of the angry father for the knowledge that if we choke and distort the planet’s breathing, the face of Earth turns hot and scorching. Spirit appears within us wounded, gasping.

The Shalom Center will seek through action and reflection to heal and renew the Spirit. To calm the planet’s face.

So we believe that the three crucial factors for our planning – danger, wisdom, and Spirit — cohere to call us to pour much of our work into healing the Earth.

(This should appear in due course on his blog.)

The sentence that stands out for me, is the one I have emboldened. Are we not all descendants of indigenous people? How did we loss the intimate connection with the web of life and the ecosystem that became for us an object of mindless cruelty and disregard? Whatever wisdom that such indigenous ancestors might have had has been long lost. Western Civilization undertook, we are told, a new bargain framed by reason, observation, measurement and universal values to create discovery and invention. We thought outside the box, and seemingly overlooked that much of the ingenious effort and purpose of invention was designed for murder. We might remember it was not the alien other that designed the nuclear bomb – and then ruthlessly used it to great satisfaction.

For the documentary “The Sacred Balance”, produced by Kensington Communications, David Suzuki talks with James Lovelock:

So Gaia, invoking the Ancient Greek story, accomplished her cosmic mission by breathing, or even perhaps  as Arthur says by inter-breathing, In truth it is difficult with the passage of time, to proportion exactly who our indigenous ancestors might have been. That’s what comes of being both “mixed-bloods” and displaced to the other side of the Earth, but perhaps a story common to the human history, exacerbated and accelerated by diffusion and development of technology. Still I have often thought that story properly told would have much to do with Empire and the imposition of state religion, paradoxically founded on the practice of nonviolence. Still at its root,and beyond symbolism, I have long considered  very significant the destruction of the Saxon holy tree (or pillar).

We may be caught in a history, whose many stories are untold, or worst, forgotten and discarded:

IT is important to remember that the heathen Anglo-Saxon and the Vikings (or Danes, as the Anglo-Saxons generally referred to them) worshipped essentially the same Gods. The original Angles and Saxons who began to settle England (“Angle-land”) beginning in 450 CE were after all, from the southern part of modern Denmark and northern part of modern Germany, just as many of the later raiding Danes from the eighth, ninth, tenth and eleventh centuries were.

These folk did not lightly leave behind their traditional beliefs. Recall that Charlemagne waged a thirty year religious war against the continental Saxons in his zeal to have them convert and his lust to subjugate them. Their resistance was so great that they choose death over conversion. This led to one of the greatest atrocities of the era: the one day slaughter of 4,500 Saxon captive men, beheaded for refusing to accept Christianity. This act of near-genecide at Verden in 782, combined with the desecration and destruction of Irminsul (variously a sacred tree, or possibly a sky-pillar sacred to the Saxons), spelled the end for continental Saxon paganism.

And there is nothing better than a personal account:

As I said these things I felt a strange stirring within me. I thought of the hearty laughter of my kinsman Cedd, and his goodness to me, and of all the tales he had told me of the Gods and heroes of our past. I thought of how he had taught me the names of trees, and which Gods and Goddesses found their homes in them, and told me of the woman-spirit of the river and how she gave birth to the life along her banks. I recalled the offerings of sheep’s milk and honey we would take to the grove each Spring, and remembered also the heart of that grove in flames as it rose to receive his noble body.

This was all sin, I knew now, and error and ignorance; but my heart still stirred in my breast as I recalled these things, and I felt lost.

  • – Ceridwen reflecting on her heathen childhood, from The Circle Of Ceridwen

As we march forward under the banner of “the education revolution”, we will forget in what passes for the process of deliberative democracy to engage in reflection and dialogue relating ourselves to the climate and eco-system. This box is the one we remain inside it, despite our best efforts. Karma may well kick us in the bum, but that would be to give a second chance, and we are probably beyond that now.

So,”Onward”, or whatever slogans (or positioning statements) the supposedly and manipulating, paid idiot savants of public relations might conceive.



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